Is It Difficult to Obtain High-Quality Lumber?

It shouldn’t take a woodworking hobbyist to know that not every type of lumber is available all of the time. In addition to getting a hold of certain types of lumber, it’s hard to know how much lumber a store should keep in its inventory. Lumber stores often carry too little inventory, rather than too much lumber. You don’t want a product sitting in the lumberyard for too long before someone finally comes along and buys it!

Thankfully, even though certain types of lumber can be tricky to obtain, our staff members at Houston Hardwoods Inc. have a variety of alternative woods that are just as good as, if not better than, the rare or exotic lumber you may be looking for. Keep reading to find out about some of these woods and how we can get them to you for a lot less than you’d pay at another hardwood lumber store in Houston!

Why is some lumber so hard to get?

Certain types of wood can be difficult for a lumber store to obtain for a few different reasons. The most common reason is that the lumber may be grown in different parts of the world, and having it shipped all the way to Houston takes a long time. For example, lumber coming from an Asian country can take weeks to arrive! Thankfully, there are plenty of types of lumber grown right here in America that can be fabulous substitutes for exotic lumber.

Even after we do finally obtain an exotic lumber, it might sell out rather quickly. We have a lot of customers who hunt for these exotic woods, and buy them up as soon as the lumber comes in. Thankfully, even when the lumber you’re looking for is hard to get, our staff members can recommend a similar wood that we have in stock. Many times, our customers had never even considered using the substitute wood we recommend. We all have years of experience in the woodworking and lumber industry; you can trust our employees’ opinion on the matter!

Certain trees are also vulnerable to blight or invasive bug species, making it difficult to obtain that lumber. The American chestnut is one of the top examples of the devastating results a bug can have on a tree. American chestnuts were once one of the most popular trees in the eastern United States. Unfortunately, the emerald ash borer put an end to that. The ash borer decimated our American chestnut stock. Luckily for our customers, we’ve identified great substitutes for this popular lumber.

If you’re searching for a certain lumber that seems like it’s just too hard to track down, stop by Houston Hardwoods Inc. We might not have the specific wood you’re looking for, but we guarantee that one of our staff members will help you find a high-quality, comparable wood to meet your needs! In addition to finding the right wood for your project, we offer a range of services that you just won’t find at another hardwood lumber store in Houston.