Take Safety Into Account When Choosing Lumber in Houston

Do-it-yourself projects can be fantastic experiences that give you the opportunity to get your hands dirty and create something that you can be proud of. However, if you aren’t a professional woodworker, it is important that you take some time to ensure that you are well read on the project that you are going to be completing before diving in. In addition to techniques, tools and safety considerations, you will also need to pay special attention to the materials that you will be using.

Selecting lumber in Houston involves a lot more than just picking the wood that looks most appealing to you. Depending on your budget, the type of project you are completing and your specific needs, the best wood selection can vary greatly from one set of circumstances to another. Before you begin your next DIY project, it’s important that you take into account some of the lesser-known characteristics of wood that might influence their safety and appropriateness for the specific projects that you are working on. While it can always be dangerous to inhale or be exposed to wood dust, there are certain types of woods that are more problematic than others. Read on to learn more.

Wood toxicity considerations

There are many different levels of toxicity that may be present in wood. Depending on the wood species and whether you have a sensitivity, you might experience everything from a mild skin rash to major irritation, migraines and even stomach cramps. If you’ve never familiarized yourself with wood toxicity before, you might be surprised to learn about the potential dangers of some of the most well known wood species. Cedar, cherry, oak, birch, bamboo and hundreds more species have potentially hazardous levels of toxicity. Some of these woods are toxic in and of themselves, while others only pose a risk to individuals with a specific allergy.

Even though not all types of wood are considered toxic, it is important to keep in mind that any type of wood dust that you inhale is detrimental to your health and can cause a number of issues and complications. Information about wood toxicity might make you wonder about the safety of using wooden implements for cooking and eating. Thankfully, you don’t have much to worry about in that regard as long as the wood that is used is treated with a food-safe sealant. This sealant greatly minimizes the risks associated with wood toxicity, and it can also preserve wood products.

Find quality lumber in Houston

Getting the chance to tackle a DIY project is a great opportunity, but it’s important that you do your homework when it comes to selecting materials and keeping yourself safe. At Houston Hardwoods Inc., we are happy to support do-it-yourselfers and craftsmen of all experience and skill levels with advice, services and products that set them up for success. Our locally owned and operated lumberyard has been around for over 25 years, and we continue to deliver the best resources available to our customers. Give us a call to find out more, or stop by and see us today—we would be happy to work with you!