What You May Not Know About Purpleheart Wood

Experienced and novice woodworkers may be drawn to different types of wood for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s for the density or workability offered by a species of wood, while other times it’s about the physical appearance, such as the color or grain. If you seek the latter, then you should visit your local … Read more

Is It Difficult to Obtain High-Quality Lumber?

It shouldn’t take a woodworking hobbyist to know that not every type of lumber is available all of the time. In addition to getting a hold of certain types of lumber, it’s hard to know how much lumber a store should keep in its inventory. Lumber stores often carry too little inventory, rather than too … Read more

Restoring the Beauty to an Old Home Starts with a Trip to a Lumber Store in Houston

Whether you’ve just found a great deal on your first home or you’ve lived in your current home for years, there’s a better than decent chance that somewhere along the line, you’re going to find something that needs a little TLC in your home. Maybe it’s the moldings around the windows or the baseboards that … Read more