How Molding and Trim Affect the Appearance of Your Home

High-quality, detailed molding can really elevate the appearance of a room to the next level, going from a basic box to a highly attractive space. Interior moldings make for more architecturally interesting designs and offer an element of distinction and character to a space.

If you’re looking to upgrade your rooms but aren’t sure where to start, consider adding some molding to add some more character. The increased framing adds some depth to the walls and will do a lot for the aesthetic value of your home.

Here are some specific recommendations of how to proceed, from our lumber yard in Houston.


Baseboards are the most basic type of trim you can put into a room, and serve as the visual foundation for the room, underlining everything else you do with your interior design. If you have a higher ceiling height, you can get away with higher baseboards—eight to 10 inches can work quite well—while smaller baseboards can work for rooms with shorter ceiling heights and walls.

If the room has hardwood floors, you can also add some shoe molding to make for a little bit more intricate, dramatic detailing. It comes higher off the ground than quarter round and just looks a little bit more elegant.


Casings are the openings in walls that do not have doors and are framed with woodwork. This type of trim typically wraps all the way from one side to another, and serves to emphasize the opening while also protecting the surface of the wall from scratches. Cased openings create a bit more separation between rooms without interrupting any type of decorating flow you’ve got going on.

Playing around with your casings can help you create more unique interior appearances. You don’t have to use the same basic trim or molding for every casing you have—something a little more dramatic might work depending on the style of your home.

Crown molding

Crown molding sits at the top of the room and travels along the top of the walls, creating a bolder separation between the wall and the ceiling. Like a good baseboard, crown molding does a lot to transform an otherwise uninteresting space architecturally into something with a little more character. Different types of rooms and architectural designs might call for different sizes and styles of crown molding, but if your room lacks crown molding altogether, even something basic can add a lot.

Other molding and trim

There are plenty of other opportunities you have to implement molding and trim in your home to upgrade the appearanceof specific rooms. Chair rail is especially great in dining spaces but can be used in multiple areas of your home. Shadowbox trim or wainscoting can do a lot to add more depth and texture to your walls and prevent the room from feeling “blank” or dull.

For more information and tips about using trim and molding in your home, contact Houston Hardwoods Inc. or come see us at our lumber yard in Houston.