Customize Your Home with Trim and Moulding

Chances are, when you look around your home, you notice the varied decorations you’ve placed throughout your rooms, whether collections of framed photographs, tchotchkes from your family vacations or an artful flower arrangement. What could be missing? Well, one often overlooked way to bring personality and elegance to your home is to install unique trim or moulding throughout.

As you scan through Pinterest or home magazines and consider how to select building materials in Houston, TX, you might feel overwhelmed by the varied options for styles and types of trim available to you. Read on for a quick primer on the most popular types of moulding you can use to help your house to stand apart from others:

  • Chair rails: Chair rails, also called dados, have been around since ancient Greece and still offer charm today. These are decorative railings that run around a room horizontally at 24 inches from the floor. Many people use these to add interest to a space, since it divides the wall into two sections. This allows you to play around with different textures and colors on both spaces. For example, many people with chair rails paint the space beneath them and use a decorative wallpaper above.
  • Picture moulding: This is usually placed underneath chair rails and, again, adds some drama to a room. Installing picture moulding involves creating a frame shape from moulding and spacing those frames out evenly on the walls under the chair rail. As with chair rails themselves, picture moulding allows you to have more concrete spaces to play around with color and style. Some people paint the moulding in one color but keep the walls inside and outside of the frames a different color, whereas others will paint different colors on the wall and inside the frame.
  • Crown moulding: Crown moulding is a decorative trim that sits where the ceiling and wall meet. It dresses up a room immediately and adds elegance to any space. You can buy a range of crown moulding designs from the simplest S-curve (a common style) to a much more ornate form with reliefs of leaves or flowers. Whatever the choice, crown moulding is a great way to bring an architectural element into your rooms and also showcase your personality.

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