Choose the Right Type of Lumber in Houston for Creating Outdoor Furniture

Whether it’s a garden bench or picnic table you’re looking to add to your backyard space, it’s important to choose a wood species that will stand up to the elements. What’s more, you might decide to use your woodworking skills to create outdoor furniture pieces instead of buying pre-made from a store. This means that on top of creating custom furniture, you will also be doing the design planning and picking out building materials. And while the warmth and beauty of natural wood is hard to resist, you want to consider using wood that is durable and weather-resistant to avoid moisture collection and other problems.

Since you are going to work hard to make sure the final product is perfect and useable, why not invest in top-of-the-line, weather resistant wood? Here’s a list of the best types of lumber in Houston to use when building outdoor furniture:

  • Redwood: Not only does redwood have a natural luster backed up by unique grain patterns and an identifiable reddish-brown color, it’s also naturally resistant to decay and staves off insects. And although it’s a somewhat soft wood—meaning it can be scratched and dented—redwood is rather strong and holds up well in all sorts of weather. For redwood to weather without becoming weak or losing it’s lovely coloring, you should coat it with a clear sealant.
  • Cedar: When shopping for cedar wood, look for white cedar and western cedar, as both types contain resins that repel wood-damaging insects and block rot from forming. Cedar takes to paint and stains rather well, but because it is a softer grain, you will need to clean and seal cedar furniture once a year to keep it from getting rough. Also, cedar is lightweight, making outdoor cedar furniture a little easier to move around the deck or patio.
  • Teak: If you want a smooth and clean look for your outdoor living space or garden, then get yourself teak lumber. You are going to pay more for teak, but take care of it and it will be worth the investment. This wood’s appearance alone is appealing to homeowners to use as outdoor furniture, yet one must consider all that it has to offer to their outdoor woodworking project. It is resistant to decay, incredibly durable, capable of repelling water, generally ages well and does not shrink or swell due to weather changes.
  • Cypress: Cypress is a sturdy wood that can withstand the elements without needing paint, stain or a wood sealer. Just every now and again, give it a coat of oil to keep it looking healthy. Another big plus is that cypress is naturally resistant to insects and rot, which makes it a great wood choice for outdoor furniture. However, keep in mind that it may shrink or swell a little as the seasons change.

For a grand selection of weather resistant lumber in Houston, visit the lumberyard at Houston Hardwoods Inc. Feel free to give us a call with questions or to inquire about our inventory.