Four of the Best Woods for Custom Cabinets in Houston

Adding custom cabinets in your home will make any room look great and can drastically boost your home’s resale value, if you decide to sell. The biggest decision people have to make after they’ve chosen to install custom cabinets in Houston is which wood to use. The choices are endless, and picking one that’ll look great in your home can be tough. Here are a few woods to consider when choosing the right wood for your new cabinets:

  • Maple: If you’re installing custom cabinets purely to make your home more appealing to potential buyers, maple may be your best bet. It’s estimated that about 65 percent of all custom kitchen cabinets across the country are made of maple; it’s what today’s home shoppers are really looking for. We carry several varieties of the wood: bird’s eye, hard and soft maple. All of the types of maple we carry are great choices; they’re durable and will look great with any stain that will match the rest of your kitchen. Keep in mind that maple is a bit more expensive than other woods. On the other hand, you really do get what you pay for when you choose maple for your custom cabinets in Houston.
  • Alder or knotty alder: If you’re looking to save some money on cabinets, but still want a great look, alder or knotty alder wood can be great options. Like maples, alder woods look great with any type of stai We can help you pick a stain that will blend in perfectly with any room in your house. Keep in mind that alders are softer woods than maples. They’re more likely to pick up dings and dents, so you’ll want to be extremely careful when opening and closing your new cabinets.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood has been used in kitchens for hundreds of years, and the classic look of cherry is sure to stay in style for many years to come. Cherry usually has a reddish color and can be either light or dark in hue. Since it can be light or dark, and can takes stains very well, it can be used for cabinetry in all types of kitchens. Like all woods, cherry does have some cons; it’s really expensive, but not as durable as similar hardwoods.
  • Oak: Another popular hardwood for custom cabinets in Houston is oak. It comes in two different varieties: red and white oak. We carry both kinds, and both are fabulous options for your new cabinets. It’s incredibly durable and resistant to warping, so it’s a great choice for families who plan on being in their house for a long time. The open grain pattern looks great in traditional kitchens, and the wide selection of color options usually makes staining unnecessary. However, that open grain pattern is often cited as a con for potential homebuyers. The pattern can also show through stains or other finishes, so you’ll want to make sure you’re happy with the wood before you choose to use it for your cabinets.

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