Why Wood Species Is Important When Getting Custom Cabinets in Houston

Custom cabinets are a great idea for any home. When designing your cabinets, you will have control over a lot of aspects of the process. Not only do you get to choose your own design and ensure you get the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams, but you also have the option to choose the type of wood that will be used to build the cabinets. Because some wood species are more ideal for certain circumstances, you will want to be careful which one you choose for your custom cabinets.

Here’s why careful selection of wood species is important to keep in mind when getting custom cabinets in Houston:

  • Durability: Cabinets are used to store various items, and you will use them every day when you need to retrieve these items from storage. No matter what type of wood you choose for your custom cabinets, you will want it to be durable. Since cabinets are used every day, over time it is easy for them to wear, but if the wood you select is durable and can take a beating, then you will have nothing to worry about.
  • Appearance: You are probably getting new cabinets because your current cabinets are worn or don’t exactly fit in with the design of your kitchen or bathroom. Appearance is important, so you have to be very selective about your wood species. The great thing about wood is that there are a number of different colors and wood grains that could fit in perfectly with your vision for the rooms in your home.
  • Affordability: How much can you afford to spend for your custom cabinets? This is a necessary question to ask before you select the wood for your cabinets, because the cost will vary. There are some species of wood that are more expensive than others, so depending on the type you have in mind, you may be spending quite a bit on your new custom cabinets. If you have set a budget, certain types of wood just won’t be a good idea.
  • Moisture sensitivity: You will need your cabinets to be able to handle high levels of moisture. Since the cabinets will be in the kitchen or bathroom, which are both rooms that contain moisture and heat on a daily basis, cabinets need to be built to last through these conditions. It is no secret that some wood species just aren’t able to handle high levels of heat and moisture, so moisture sensitivity is something you’ll want to inquire about before your custom cabinets are designed and installed.

When you choose to get custom cabinets for your home, you are making a wise decision. You could stick with what is currently in your home, but you deserve to have a beautiful home, and custom cabinets can help you achieve this goal. However, when you decide that custom cabinets are a good option, remember that some wood species are better than others.

Are you interested in investing in custom cabinets in Houston? You can contact the experts at Houston Hardwoods Inc. to learn more about your options and how custom cabinets may be perfect for your home.