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#0045 Threshold
3/8” x 2” (thickness x width)

Typical flooring transition piece known as a saddle.
in stock in red oak and maple
Moulding 03/06...T-13
$90 set up
aka: saddle

#0044 Threshold
5/8” x 2” (thickness x width)

Stocked in red oak and maple
a.k.a. round nose
Moulding 03/05...T-6
$90 set up
3/8" offset

#0043 Threshold
3/4” x 2-1/4” (thickness x width)

This typical reducer is made to mate to most 3/4" raw flooring material.
in stock in red oak and maple
Moulding 03/04...T-13
$90 set up

#0997 Threshold
1-3/4” x 2-1/4” (thickness x width)

Moulding 64/07...T-misc.
$125 set up, can specify dado to match flooring used for stair treads. This becomes a custom nosing

#0487 Threshold
1-1/16” x 2-1/2” (thickness x width)

Stair nosing or starter piece..can have many different dimensions
Moulding 32/06...T-misc.
Usually made custom to mate to your flooring supplied
$110 set up

#0494 Threshold
1-1/16” x 3-1/2” (thickness x width)

Red oak and maple nosing in stock. This is made to mate to most existing 3/4" unfinished flooring.
Moulding 32/13...T-misc.
$135 set up

#0211 Threshold
1-9/16” x 4” (thickness x width)

Just a squared nosing for front of stair treads.
Can be made to mate to most floors
Moulding 16/05...T-23
$110 set up

Take your unique conceptual design to the next level. 

We can manufacture custom moulding designed to match your existing profile. Look through our extensive custom mouldings database below, or provide us with a sketch and we will quickly create it for you. Our turn around on moulding is 1-2 days.