Understanding the Economic Importance of the U.S. Wood Industry

The U.S. economy is a complex machine with numerous working parts. Without any of its integral components, it could no longer function well. The wood industry is one of these essential parts. From lumber supply in Houston to wood exports from around the nation, this industry is a major component that contributes to the healthy movement of the U.S. economy.

If you find that hard to believe, simply check out the statistics. The following brief overview will quickly reveal the importance of this industry. Clearly, the U.S. wood industry has a lot to offer our nation’s economy:

  • Top player: In the United States, wood products account for roughly four percent of the total manufacturing gross domestic product (GDP). This makes wood an important economic player in the U.S.
  • Top producer: Companies that produce wood products are among the top 10 manufacturing sector employers in all but three states. These companies produce over $200 billion in products each year.
  • Top employer: The wood industry employs nearly 900,000 people. This is more than the chemical, plastic and automotive industries employ. Additionally, the wood industry provides jobs for many employees in rural areas, where other opportunities are often limited.
  • Top exporter: The wood industry is a major exporter for the United States. In 2017, hardwood producers in the U.S. shipped over $4 billion in products to global markets.
  • Top convenience: Consider what we would lack without the strong lumber industry we have in our country. So much of what we do each day is impacted by products from this industry. From furniture, to structures, to homes, our work and play are greatly influenced by lumber supply in Houston and elsewhere in the United States.
  • Top quality: The lumber industry in the U.S. offers innovative solutions to keep quality assurance high. By providing top solutions, the industry provides appealing products for consumers both domestically and internationally, which keeps the economy going strong.
  • Top diversification: We must not forget the diversity offered by the lumber industry. This field provides more than logs for houses. Myriad product lines stem from this industry. From paper, to mulch, to furniture and beyond, the lumber industry feeds a host of jobs, consumer needs and economic development.
  • Top source: The lumber industry accesses a renewable source of energy and products. Unlike other industries, this one can be restored so that it never depletes completely. Reforesting processes can easily keep this industry going strong for generation after generation, making it a great source of renewable economic development.

After reviewing the facts, it’s clear that the wood industry is important to the U.S. economy. Would you like to find out more about how lumber contributes to your local and national economy? Your lumber supply in Houston is ready to assist you. The knowledgeable professionals at Houston Hardwoods Inc. can answer your questions and provide further insight into this industry. Locally owned and operated, we leverage over 25 years of experience to deliver top-quality products and services, every time. Reach out to our team today!