Top Five Uses for Marine-Grade Plywood in Houston

Whether your woodworking specialty is in creating items like beautiful doors and cabinets for homes or constructing outdoor wood structures, the key to getting the result you want is to purchase quality lumber—preferably from a local business. And quality materials are especially important when working on projects that require marine plywood, because it may or may not end up being subjected to water.

So, what is marine plywood? Marine-grade plywood in Houston starts out like any other type of plywood. It’s formed out of multiple thin pieces of wood, which are then held together with a strong binder. The difference is that the binder for marine use won’t break down when submerged in water. Additionally, to ensure there are no voids in between layers like in interior plywood, marine plywood is made out of six to 10 or more layers of thin wood.

Here’s an overview of five of the most common uses for marine-grade plywood in Houston:

  • Boats: The first thing that probably pops into your head when you hear “marine plywood” is a boat. For those who enjoy sailing, fishing or chilling on the water as often as possible, owning a boat is a must. When shopping around for a boat, keep in mind that you don’t have to get a new one that’s made of fiberglass. Properly sealed inside and outside, older marine plywood boats become waterproof and offer a smooth ride.
  • Boat docks: A boat dock is similar to your wooden home deck in that choosing the right lumber materials can result in less of a need for seasonal maintenance. Using weather and waterproofed wood planks and two-by-fours will result in a fine looking boat dock, but the wood will require yearly sanding and weather treatments. Marine plywood can go several seasons without the need to re-treat it.
  • Backyard decks: Don’t let the word “marine” fool you. Indeed, you can use marine plywood to construct a deck off the back of your house. Stain and seal it properly for decades of use, with easy maintenance every two to four years.
  • Lake platforms: If you have a lake or giant pond on your property, consider building a lake platform in the center of it. This makes for a great hangout area, a party spot for you and your friends. You can also fish off of it, as well as designate it as an area where you can go to relax on weekends. Since marine-grade plywood in Houston does not rot like other types of wood, you can rest assured that your lake platform will stay afloat and intact for a long time.
  • Kitchen and bathrooms: Marine plywood can be installed indoors to help protect areas that are prone to moisture—namely, kitchens and bathrooms. From spills to water fixture overflows, waterproofed lumber on floors and walls will prevent rotting and warping due to contact with moisture.

Luckily for you, you are more than likely to find the wood you need for your current and future woodworking projects at Houston Hardwoods Inc. For the highest quality marine-grade plywood in Houston, we invite you pay us a visit at our stocked lumberyard today!