The Many Benefits of Custom Molding and Trim in Your Home

Custom molding is a wonderful way to add unique character and beauty to your interior rooms. Houston Hardwoods Inc. is a top choice for building materials in Houston, and we’ll help you get the design of your dreams with our wide array of custom moldings, trims and other interior finishing products. Read on to learn more about how you can use custom molding and trim in your project!

Where to use it

One of the best aspects of molding is its versatility. You can incorporate it into almost any room design, and it can be applied to much more than just the edge between your wall and ceiling. Some other great ways to use­ custom molding include:

  • Baseboard: An important aspect of any home, this area often goes unnoticed, but having quality baseboard molding is key for both protection and aesthetic appeal. Not only does it protect the point of intersection between the wall and the floor, it gives a finished look to your room.
  • Chair rail: For any room with furniture, chair rail molding is a great solution to protect your walls from accidental scuffs, cracks or dents made by items such as tables or chairs. Additionally, it adds a striking element to the room, and can even make your wallpaper and paint transitions appear more streamlined.
  • Casing: Another vital use for molding, you’ll find casing around areas such as windows and doors. No one likes to see that ugly gap in homes that runs between your wall and window or door. We can help you create the perfect casing size for your door or window.
  • Cove molding: You might have heard of cove molding referred to simply as “coving.” This subtle interior trim is another option for crown molding, with a concave design and lower-profile style.

In addition to the examples above, you’ll also find custom trim and molding frequently used for handrails, picture rails, cabinets, thresholds, corners and edges.

How to get it

At Houston Hardwoods Inc., we offer these and many other types of custom molding options to help you get the most out of your home’s design.

Take a look at our in-stock selection of moldings, or browse our large selection of custom molding products. If you have something in mind that you don’t see on our site, just give us a call or stop by to ask us about it. You can even bring in a sketch and we can model some good options off of your preliminary design. Chances are, we can create it for you in no time, and we’ll even cut it to your precise specifications. This is why we’ve long been a premier source for building materials in Houston.

To put it simply, if you can think of a place where you’d like to add character and protection, we can help you create the right molding and trim for whatever you’ve got in mind. So why wait? Get in touch with our friendly staff at Houston Hardwoods Inc. today to get started!