Qualities That Make Bloodwood a Good Option for Making Furniture

Most beginner and experienced woodworkers enjoy experimenting with a variety of lumber for a wide range of projects. If this sounds like you, and you are looking for an exotic lumber in Houston for making furniture, take a look at bloodwood.

What are some of the top qualities of bloodwood that make it a good option? Though it might sound like a magical spell, Brosimum Rubescens is the scientific name for a very distinctive and beautiful wood, called bloodwood. And even though that also sounds like something out of the ever-popular Harry Potter series, it got its name for its brilliant blood-red color. Sure, bloodwood isn’t for every project, but it does make a unique statement when used in the right way. It is a rare wood that originates in South America, but when you can get your hands on some commercially, it makes for a stunning finished product.

Here are a few of this beautiful wood’s properties that will make you want to consider it for your next woodworking project:

  • Bendable: One of bloodwood’s unique characteristics is its ability to be shaped or bent. This makes it a popular option for woodworkers who enjoy steaming and reshaping wood into ornate chair backs, rockers and anything else that falls outside of the straight woodworking cuts. It is not uncommon to see bloodwood used in the production of fine fishing rods and hunting bows.
  • Fast drying, low shrinkage: As you know, some woods take forever to dry completely—some even take months or years to dry properly. Bloodwood is one of those woods. In fact, its density makes it slow to dry, but typically it only shrinks between 4 and 6 percent. Less dense woods can be more susceptible to shrinkage as the large cells decrease in size during the drying process.
  • Color: As we have mentioned—and as you likely assumed from reading the name—bloodwood is a deep red color with a golden surface shimmer. The outer sapwood is a light golden color, while the center of harvested trees contain what is called the “heartwood” of the tree, which is a deep blood-red wood. Its bright and brilliant red makes it a sought after wood for professional woodworkers and artisans. Despite its popularity, you won’t find this exotic wood at any old lumber store. Chances are, you will have to order bloodwood from a specialty wood retailer or lumberyard.
  • Durable: Unlike some woods that are not flexible and strong, bloodwood has a high crush threshold of 2,900 pounds and is very flexible. This makes it ideal for projects like fishing rods and bows. Additionally, bloodwood is not very susceptible to insects and rot, which makes it a long-lasting wood. Though the red wood fights off insects and rot, the outer sapwood is much less durable and is more susceptible to damage from rot and insect infestation.

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