Four Things You Should Know About Exotic Hardwoods

Exotic hardwoods are becoming an increasingly popular choice for everything from hardwood flooring to cabinets. Exotic wood offers a unique and beautiful appearance that more conventional options just don’t have. Its popularity can likely be attributed to the remarkable colors, including light blondes, rich reds and deep browns. This is paired with unmistakable grain patterns for a look that can’t be found in other types of hardwood.

There’s no question why homeowners have favored exotic hardwood lumber in Houston, TX for decades. Unfortunately, many people miss out on the rich beauty of exotic hardwoods, as they aren’t as familiar with the offerings. Let’s take a closer look at three things you should know about exotic hardwoods.

Extremely hard

The hardness of each type of wood is measured according to the Janka scale. The higher the rating, the more likely the wood will be able to stand up to intense and frequent usage. Exotic hardwoods are some of the hardest selections available according to the Janka scale. Options like hard maple and cherry all have Janka ratings under 1500, while the popular exotic option of Brazilian cherry has a rating of 2350! Typically, homeowners will want a harder wood for frequently used areas, such as wood flooring, cabinets or decking. Highly rated hardwood won’t show as much scratching and signs of wear as its softer counterparts.

Durable and low maintenance

Many exotic hardwoods are incredibly durable. Some options can even last for as long as 100 years! The color will stay vibrant for decades with very minimal maintenance required. Caring for exotic hardwood flooring, for example, just takes a little vacuuming and a rubdown with a specifically formulated cleaning solution as needed.

Limitless options

You’ll still be able to enjoy the same choices associated with traditional hardwood flooring when opting for exotic hardwoods. Exotic hardwood is available in most conventional product types, including solid, prefinished, engineered and finished on site. The buyer will also be able to choose between different widths, lengths and sheens based on the project requirements.

Sustainable methods

Unfortunately, many shoppers will shy away from exotic hardwoods due to concerns about the environmental harm that may be caused during the harvesting process. However, the environmental damage is actually relatively minimal thanks to industry practices. Most suppliers practice sustainable forest management by replanting any areas that are harvested. This sustainable practice eliminates the environmental toll. Check the labels on any exotic hardwoods you’re considering purchasing to ensure they meet the standards for sustainable forestry practices.

Whether you’re going for an elegant living room, welcoming kitchen or a luxurious foyer, exotic hardwood is the perfect option to achieve practically any look. Best of all, Houston Hardwoods Inc. is ready to help you find the perfect selection from our extended stock of exotic hardwood lumber in Houston, TX. We offer a comprehensive stock of both exotic hardwood lumber, softwoods and more. Stop by our store today to peruse our collection of Brazilian cherry, Australian cypress and countless other types of exotic hardwood!