Four Advantages of Using Marine-Grade Plywood in Houston, TX

It’s such a bummer to watch as your outdoor wood projects deteriorate season after season. Why is this happening? You coated the lumber in a weather seal, stained it, painted it to fill in minute defects and maintained it on a regular basis with cleanings and fixes. If you’ve done all the right things to protect the wood from damage, and it still has problems, it could be the type of lumber you used. For future outdoor wood structures, know that marine-grade plywood in Houston, TX is made to withstand the elements—water in particular.

What is marine-grade plywood, anyway?

Marine-grade plywood is manufactured using several layers of high quality, water-resistant hardwood bonded together with an industrial strength glue to create a strong product. Although commonly used in boat building (hence the term “marine”), this wood is often used for constructing other kinds of outdoor projects that likely endure moisture damage, like fences, patio furniture, gazebos and even decking.

All in all, it sounds as though this type of wood construction is an excellent choice for many different applications. So without further ado, here are four advantages of using marine-grade plywood in Houston, TX:

  • It’s water- and rot-resistant: As already mentioned, marine plywood is often used in boating applications, like watercraft and boat docks, because of its ability to hold up well in water. It can handle a great deal of moisture, and when gaps are sealed and bonded properly, the wood is able to resist allowing the moisture to soak in, helping to avoid rot and warping. What’s more is that the plywood’s outside surface is treated with a layer of glue to keep moisture out.
  • It’s pliable: No one wants their wood projects to snap under pressure, which is why marine-grade plywood is a popular choice for all sorts of projects. Its pliability offers an advantage over other types of wood because it can be bent or subjected to heavy flexing without losing structural integrity.
  • It offers impact resistance and strength: Tired of cosmetic dents and other damage? Looking for wood that can hold up in the face of constant wear and tear? Since marine plywood has a rather hard and thick outside layer, it is pretty impact-resistant should something get dropped on or run into it. Furthermore, this plywood is not likely to need replacing after only a few years, which is the case with many other types of wood.
  • It allows for a smooth finish: After building your outdoor project, you may want to finish the surface in your preferred stain or paint. This type of plywood not only shows a visually smooth surface, but it also comes already soft, making splinters a non-issue. Run your hands along your completed project to feel its smoothness and you will understand why there are so many design options for such a surface.

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