Why Cherry Is One of the Most Popular Domestic Woods for Cabinets

Cherry wood has been a favorite staple of American homes for decades. In fact, it’s been in regular use since the first American settlers began building their homes. Since then, its distinct appearance, durability and easiness to work with has made cherry a lasting favorite of both homeowners and woodworkers alike. Cherry has countless potential applications, but its most popular use is for residential furniture. You can often find cherry pieces in the dining room, bedroom or even the kitchen. It’s recently become an especially desirable option for custom cabinets in Houston.

Still not sold on cherry? Here are five reasons why homeowners everywhere are selecting cherry wood for their new cabinets:

  • Beautiful appearance: For centuries, cherry has been favored due to its color. Wood pieces can range from light golden tan to a warm brown, but both have an unmistakable red hue. Usually, the sapwood is a lighter tone, while the heartwood tends to be a bit darker. The red undertones make it the perfect match for a large variety of different wall colors. A cherry cabinet can pair well with everything from marble to neutral countertops.
  • Strong: Cherry is a traditional hardwood. The moderately hard texture means it is extremely strong and resistant to shock. This strong wood is also resistant to warping and checking, which is especially important in kitchen environments that are prone to becoming humid, warm and steamy.
  • Unique: Take a look at the selection of cherry wood at your local lumber store. You’ll probably notice relatively quickly that each piece looks completely unique. The distinct grains and patterns are incredibly varied, with knots, swirls and gum streaks. Cherry wood will help you create beautifully unique custom cabinets in Houston like you won’t see anywhere else.
  • Finishes well: Cherry wood can take most finishes incredibly effectively. Colors can range from a rich salmon to a robust red when the wood is finished properly. The finish tends to darken with age, which will bring out different grains and patterns the longer you keep your stunning cherry cabinets.
  • Readily available: Cherry is a domestic wood that can easily be found throughout large portions of the United States. Because of this, you should not have any trouble finding it at most lumber stores in your area. However, despite its popularity, you should still expect to pay about 15 to 20 percent more for cherry than you would for maple or oak.

Will you choose cherry for your new custom cabinets in Houston? Whether you have your heart set on this wood or are still examining all the different options, the professionals at Houston Hardwoods Inc. are here to help. We provide a comprehensive selection of softwoods, hardwoods, exotic woods and more. Stop by our store today to discover the best domestic wood for your gorgeous new kitchen cabinets, and be sure to speak with one of our experts as you’re getting started with the process of buying lumber. We look forward to helping you!