Top 10 Most Asked Questions About Buying Wood Flooring

There are so many different wood flooring options that selecting the right one can be difficult. Customers often have many questions about which selection is best for them, but with the help of the pros at a hardwood lumber store in Houston, you can get answers to help narrow down your final choice.

  1. Solid or engineered wood flooring?

If you are looking to floor a high traffic area such as a living room, solid wood will be the better option, as it is more durable. For basements, engineered wood that can be stapled or nailed to either wood or concrete subfloors is the better solution.

  1. Best wood species for my home?

If you are looking to lay flooring in a room that is rarely used, you can opt for a softer wood, such as ash or maple. In high traffic areas, durable, thicker woods species such as oak would work best.

  1. Job-site or factory finish?

If you have your floors finished and customized on site, you will be able to customize and tailor your wood floors on the spot, although this will add a bit of time to your installation. With factory finishes, your customizable options will be narrowed down slightly, but your installation time will be shorter.

  1. Is ordering additional flooring necessary?

Industry standards indicate that it is necessary to order 10 percent more flooring than you actually need to account for waste and unusable pieces.

  1. How do I select the best sheen?

If you like shinier surfaces, a glossy finish would be best. If you are trying to match other surfaces in your home that have less shine, a satin or matte finish is a better option.

  1. How do I keep pets from scratching floors?

In addition to placing rugs throughout a room, the best way to keep your pet from scratching your floors is to have their nails trimmed regularly.

  1. How do I keep floors looking new?

Using throw rugs will help keep down the amount of outside dirt and debris that is tracked in, and special rug mats can protect your floors from discoloration. If your floor looks dull, a wood flooring cleaner can renew the luster.

  1. How long does installation take?

If your floors are being finished on-site, it will take time for the several coats to be applied and for the floors to be sanded, finished and set. Factory finished floors will take less time, but you can expect the process to take several days as well.

  1. Can I prevent fading?

You can periodically move your rugs and other furniture items in your room around to limit the amount of sunlight your floors are exposed to.

10. Can I do installation myself?

Installing wood flooring is much more complicated than your typical DIY project. With a lot of room for error and expensive materials that might not be easy to replace, you will be much better off saving yourself time and money and seeking out a professional.

Selecting the right wood flooring for your home is a large undertaking. We know the decision isn’t easy, and here at Houston Hardwoods Inc., we are ready to help you with all of the info you need to make an informed decision. Pay a visit to our hardwood lumber store in Houston today to learn more so that you can select flooring that you are truly happy with.