It’s Not Too Early to Plan Your Exterior Woodworking Projects for Spring!

The warmer months may still be a little ways away, but the time is right to brainstorm all the household maintenance and projects you will need to do once the season changes. This includes using wood to create and repair outdoor things that add to your yard’s aesthetics or your home’s function. Because it’s a good idea to properly prepare before diving into building something, start planning your woodworking projects for spring now! And no, it’s not too early! In fact, your local lumber yard in Houston is likely available all year long to help you choose the best wood for whatever wood structures or fixtures you are getting ready to work on.

Here are some popular springtime woodworking projects that you might be interested in pursuing.

Garden bench

If you want to add a little something to your yard, but don’t want to spend money on factory-made garden items, make them yourself! A popular and useful yard addition is a garden bench or two, which are perfect for installing at the end of paths or in the middle of a flower patch. From garden benches with arms and back-to-basic ones offering simple seating, this piece of yard furniture adds whimsy to its already beautiful surroundings.

Backyard picnic table

You may not be able to build your ideal outdoor living space—like a wood deck, sunroom or outdoor kitchen—but you can build smaller elements of a dining and entertainment space. Chairs and tables for outdoor use are convenient, and put the two together and you’ve got your very own backyard picnic table. Build a more traditional one with attached benches or, for an easier time moving it to other parts of the yard, go for unattached.

Planter boxes

Whether you are planning to grow a vegetable garden or start a few flowerbeds to feed the bees, assess if you have enough space to do so. If not, consider creating movable planter boxes. Planter boxes are also great for sectioning off a larger garden area or creating tiers. Because the wood you put in or on top of the soil is going to leach from contact with water, make sure it is not chemically treated, and get lumber that won’t rot or attract insects. Ask a wood expert at your local lumber yard in Houston for suggestions on materials to use for planter boxes.

New deck

A good time to begin a deck-building project is after the winter weather has passed and before summer hits. That points to the spring season as the ideal time to complete construction plans and start gathering building materials. Also, make a schedule to ensure you can get a coat of wood-protecting stain on your new deck before hot weather arrives. A new deck construction is a huge undertaking, but with proper planning and guidance, it is not impossible to do most (if not all) of the work yourself.

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