Choose Cedar Lumber in Houston for Your Spring and Summer Garden Boxes!

Spring is here, which means many green thumbs are itching to dig into rich, fertile soil. Planting in the ground in raised garden beds or using movable planter boxes calls for the right wood for the job—that would be cedar. Cedar is an aromatic wood species that holds up very well in all weather conditions and can survive in all sorts of environments. Additionally, cedar can last many years as a garden structure—especially when used for planter boxes. So, are you ready to plan your next outdoor woodworking project? We know we are!

Let’s take a look at a few good reasons why you should consider using cedar lumber in Houston to build your spring and summer garden boxes:

  • Adds curb appeal: Cedar is a good-looking tree that also makes for beautiful project wood. There’s a variety of cedar types to choose from, with cedar wood being either a shade of red, red-brown, white or pink in color. If you choose not to stain your cedar planter boxers or only use a clear protector, then they’ll add natural beauty around your property. Placing cedar boxes on your front porch or adding them to front yard landscaping is an excellent way to boost your home’s curb appeal.
  • Has a pleasant aroma: The fact that we use cedar planks as closet flooring and cabinet shelving to make our homes smell nice says a lot about its scent. Cedar has a very distinct and pleasant aroma that is second to none, and when made into planter boxes it will bring an enhanced earthy air to your gardens and patios. It’s a naturally occurring organic compound that gives cedar its lovely smell.
  • Flexible and durable: As a softwood, cedar might give you the impression that it breaks easily. This could not be further from the truth! Thanks to its unique cell structure, this type of wood is extremely durable and bends to form. Cedar is also a lightweight lumber, meaning it is not hard to handle or flex these boards when building garden boxes.
  • Resistant to rot: Furthermore, the unique cell structure of cedar also means it can hold strong against water penetration. In turn, this wood is resistant to rot and decay, which makes it a great wood option for raised garden beds. Fill beds with soil, compost, other fertilizers and plants and water without fear of the wood breaking down.
  • Repel pesky insects: The scent of fresh cedar wood may be wonderful to humans, but insects find it offensive. This is good news for home gardeners, because your cedar planters should be safe from termites, and your plants from insects that destroy vegetation.

Whether your springtime woodworking projects include building new outdoor furniture, a backyard deck or unique planter boxes for your garden, the key to long-lasting results is using the right wood. Luckily, no matter the type of lumber in Houston you’re looking for, you will likely find it at Houston Hardwoods Inc. Visit our fully stocked lumber yard to get help from an on-site professional today!