Avoid Splintering by Using This Cross-Cutting Wood Technique

Splintering is a common problem experienced by woodworkers of all skill levels. It is most likely to occur when cutting wood, wherever the teeth come out of the wood. The faster the cut, the larger the teeth, the duller the teeth and the more perpendicular the teeth are to the surface, the more splintering you’re … Read more

Tips for Drying Your Wood at Home

One of the best ways to season lumber before using it in construction or woodworking projects is to let it sit and dry out naturally in a humidity-controlled environment. This may be the slowest method of drying your wood, but it’s absolutely worthwhile if you can manage it and have the space for it in … Read more

Safety Tips to Consider While Woodworking

Woodworking is enjoyable and very safe hobby, so long as you adhere to a simple set of safety rules. Most of these rules are simply common sense, but it’s worth reminding yourself every now and then of the steps you need to take to stay safe. Here are a few examples of some of those … Read more