The Best Types of Wood for Building Custom Furniture

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Soon you’ll be decorating the house and planning the Christmas shopping list. Why not give someone the perfect gift of custom wood furniture? Not only is this an incredibly unique gift, but it’s also something your friend or loved one will cherish for years to come. Wood furniture is a … Read more

A Buyer’s Guide to Softwood vs. Hardwood

The variety of lumber options out there is staggering. Alder, oak and pine are just a few of the types of woods you’ll find at any lumber store in Houston. Besides the different types of woods, you will also find different colors, grains and more. However, before you get carried away in the veritable forest … Read more

Restoring the Beauty to an Old Home Starts with a Trip to a Lumber Store in Houston

Whether you’ve just found a great deal on your first home or you’ve lived in your current home for years, there’s a better than decent chance that somewhere along the line, you’re going to find something that needs a little TLC in your home. Maybe it’s the moldings around the windows or the baseboards that … Read more