Basic Woodworking Skills You Should Have Learned in High School

Woodworking isn’t just a hobby—it’s a useful skill that can benefit just about anyone. Unfortunately, with declines in educational funding and shifting priorities in schools, not as many people get a good solid base in woodworking in shop classes any more. So if you’re an aspiring woodworker who did not have the chance to take … Read more

How to Repair Wood Cracks and Splits

It happens to even the most careful and experienced woodworkers every now and then—the lumber splits, and suddenly you’re left wondering if you need to go back to the lumber store in Houston to pick up new wood for your project. However, depending on the level of cracking or splitting, you may still be able … Read more

Is Lacewood the New Accent Trend?

Whether you are into woodworking or not, there’s a chance that you’ve come across lacewood, either in lumber form or after having been made into an object. Lacewood has a striking appearance that can only be described as having a lacelike pattern with light-colored gray flecks against the background grain, which varies from brown or … Read more

10 Common Wood Species Used for Doors

There’s a reason why many homeowners dream of a beautiful wood door to welcome their guests to their home. Wood doors are classically attractive and have a unique sense of character. A solid wood door provides you with durability, insulation and security. The different wood grain and a stain will allow you to create a … Read more

Top 10 Most Asked Questions About Buying Wood Flooring

There are so many different wood flooring options that selecting the right one can be difficult. Customers often have many questions about which selection is best for them, but with the help of the pros at a hardwood lumber store in Houston, you can get answers to help narrow down your final choice. Solid or … Read more