Tips for Drying Your Wood at Home

One of the best ways to season lumber before using it in construction or woodworking projects is to let it sit and dry out naturally in a humidity-controlled environment. This may be the slowest method of drying your wood, but it’s absolutely worthwhile if you can manage it and have the space for it in … Read more

Customize Your Home with Trim and Moulding

Chances are, when you look around your home, you notice the varied decorations you’ve placed throughout your rooms, whether collections of framed photographs, tchotchkes from your family vacations or an artful flower arrangement. What could be missing? Well, one often overlooked way to bring personality and elegance to your home is to install unique trim … Read more

Understanding Defects Found in Wood

If you’ve spent much time looking through lumber in a home improvement store or ata lumber yard in Houston, you know very well that you’ll rarely find a completely defect-free piece of lumber. This is because there’s nosuch thing as a defect-free tree—every tree is going to have some irregularities or abnormalities that, in turn, … Read more

Why Wood Needs to Be Dried Properly

Whenever you purchase lumber for a woodworking or construction project, you can assume there’s going to be some level of moisture in the wood. However, it is important for those moisture levels to be kept in check. Knowing the moisture content of the wood is important, as it will give you an idea of whether … Read more

Tips for Drying Your Wood at Home

Drying wood at home requires proper technique and patience. To air-dry lumber, you must typically allow one year of drying time per inch of thickness of the wood. What else do you need to know to dry wood at home? Use the following tips from your lumber yard in Houston to dry your wood: Don’t … Read more