A Few Key Things to Remember About the Wood You’re Choosing for Custom Cabinets in Houston

The cabinets in your living space—whether they’re located in the kitchen, bathroom or some other room of your home—make all the difference when you consider the entire aesthetic and aspect of the room. Why? Because cabinets are a focal point that draw attention, making all other features of the room pull towards them. In this way, it could be argued that in rooms that predominantly feature cabinets, such as a kitchen or bathroom, these fixtures could just be the most important aspect you consider.

A good deal many homeowners find that adding custom cabinets in Houston to their homes is a great way to not only increase the appeal of a space, but also a great way to add value, sustainability and modernity as well. But, in choosing cabinets, a few things must be taken into consideration, including:

  • Grain pattern: Depending on the wood variant you’re selecting the grain pattern could lend itself to your cabinet application or become something that stands out unnecessarily. The main thing to remember is that grain patterns are far from consistent, so choosing heavy patterns in rooms where there’s a certain décor or aesthetic is a big decision to make. Those woods that offer lighter or less pronounced grain patterns are more easily integrated into specific décor schemes, but can lack originality. It’s an even tradeoff and one that needs to be heavily considered.
  • Tone and brightness: Color is always a major component to consider when thinking about the dynamic that your custom cabinets in Houston will play. A few basic tips to remember about darker woods are that they tend to close the walls of a room and add a bolder complement to the space, alongside presenting the idea of more value or wealth. Lighter cabinets often have much more of an opening effect on a room and serve to make the space feel roomier, along with being more cohesive to an overall theme or décor pattern.
  • Material: Both soft and hard woods can be used for cabinets, however in modern design spaces, soft woods tend to prevail more often than not. It’s important to pick woods that are strong enough to hold up to the use they may face in a kitchen or bathroom, but also important that the approach doesn’t look utilitarian—your cabinets should be a mesh of function versus finesse.

The above traits are first and foremost the variables that you should be considering before you invest in custom cabinets in Houston. Once you’ve put your finger on some of these more difficult variables, you’ll then be faced with more peripheral questions that could continue to sway your wood choice, including price point, workability and even availability (if you’re choosing an exotic wood).

The bottom line is this: remember that cabinets are truly a defining addition to a room and one that you’re certainly going to have to live with for the foreseeable future. Choose wisely when it comes to the wood type you’re investing in and you’re certain to mark a featured improvement to your living space.