10 Common Wood Species Used for Doors

There’s a reason why many homeowners dream of a beautiful wood door to welcome their guests to their home. Wood doors are classically attractive and have a unique sense of character. A solid wood door provides you with durability, insulation and security. The different wood grain and a stain will allow you to create a front door completely unique to your home. They can easily be adapted for a rustic retreat with a classic cedar, or a more modern design when opting for bamboo. Either way, the options are limitless when it comes to wood doors. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to decide which wood to select for your door.

To help you choose your favorite, here are 10 of the most common wood species used for doors:

  • Redwood: Redwood trees produce wood beloved for being resistant to shrinkage, warping and cracking, making it the perfect option for the front door of your home. The rich, red-brown shade will stay looking great for years to come. Redwood is readily available at your lumber store in Houston.
  • Maple: Looking for something a little bit lighter? Maple woods are a creamy, off-white shade. This type of wood is favored for its strength and unique grain, which can either be straight or wavy.
  • Douglas Fir: Douglas fir is the perfect choice for doors because it’s relatively easy to work with, strong, lightweight and resistant to decay. The color of the wood can range from light brown with highlights of red or yellow, depending on where the tree was located.
  • Poplar: This light cream-colored wood streaked with gray will help your home stand out in a neighborhood of maple doors. Poplar is easy to work with, and incredibly lightweight.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly choices out there. It can be harvested every one to five years, while most hardwoods need a minimum of 45 years to mature. On top of that, it can reduce sound and is relatively water resistant.
  • Pine: Pine is one of the most popular wood choices for doors because it’s easy to work with and lightweight. Best of all, it’s incredibly cheap because it’s widely available.
  • Oak: Boost your front door security with oak. Oak is one of the strongest wood types, which is why it’s commonly used for boats. The light brown color is a perfect match for most homes, regardless of the style.
  • Teak: A teak door will last a lifetime. This classic choice comes in a wide range of colors. The heavy and dense wood makes it a great option for a front door.
  • Knotty woods: You’ll never find two matching knotty wood doors. Each door will be completely unique due to the naturally occurring grains and markings. Knotty woods are also favored for their sound blocking qualities.
  • Mahogany: Mahogany is another environmentally efficient option. It’s widely available, which means it is very affordable. Be sure to seal it, as excess moisture can cause it to turn black.

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