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Cabinet Moulding - Available in 1-2 Days

ID # Image Width x Thickness (inches) Details
0439Cabinet Moulding ID 0439 - Houston Hardwoods3/4 x 3/8Moulding 31/03...T-27 $90 set up
0444Cabinet Moulding ID 0444 - Houston Hardwoods3/4 x 1/2Moulding 31/06...T-17 $70 set up AKA: CM3, CM-3
0585Cabinet Moulding ID 0585 - Houston Hardwoods3/4 x 5/16Moulding 143/07...T-27 bead $70 set up Susan Fruit
1701Cabinet Moulding ID 1701 - Houston Hardwoods3/4 x 9/16Moulding 117/07...T- $110 set up 1/2" offset
1312Cabinet Moulding ID 1312 - Houston Hardwoods13/16 x 3/4Moulding 86/14...T-140 $95 set up used for cabinet doors, with a finger pull
1806Cabinet Moulding ID 1806 - Houston Hardwoods13/16 x 13/16Moulding 126/10...T-193 $90 set up
0448Cabinet Moulding ID 0448 - Houston Hardwoods7/8 x 5/16tall, narrow shoe mold Moulding 30/01...T-49 $70 set up
0669Cabinet Moulding ID 0669 - Houston Hardwoods7/8 x 3/4Moulding 41/12...T-62 $90 set up
0148Cabinet Moulding ID 0148 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 13/16custom lip mold Moulding 13/02...T-4 $90 set up
0332Cabinet Moulding ID 0332 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 3/4custom lip Moulding 23/03...T-28 $90 set up
1724Cabinet Moulding ID 1724 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 5/16Moulding 119/05...T-166 Beaded $70 set up
1875Cabinet Moulding ID 1875 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 3/4Moulding 132/09...T-184 $90 set up
1952Cabinet Moulding ID 1952 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 13/16Moulding 137/08...T-174 $90 set up
2119Cabinet Moulding ID 2119 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 1Moulding 159/07...T-203 $90 set up
2241Cabinet Moulding ID 2241 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 3/4Moulding 168/05...T-214 $110 set up
2349Cabinet Moulding ID 2349 - Houston Hardwoods1 x 11/16Moulding 178/06...T-226 $90 set up
0948Cabinet Moulding ID 0948 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/16 x 3/4Moulding 60/15...T-90 $90 set up
0988Cabinet Moulding ID 0988 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/16 x 3/4Moulding 63/11...T-91 $90 set up
1953Cabinet Moulding ID 1953 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/16 x 3/4Moulding 137/09...T-178 $90 set up
1473Cabinet Moulding ID 1473 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/8 x 3/4Moulding 99/16...T-139 $90 set up
1901Cabinet Moulding ID 1901 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/8 x 1Moulding 134/07...T-181 $90 set up
1936Cabinet Moulding ID 1936 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/8 x 3/4Moulding 136/11...T-174 $90 set up
0567Cabinet Moulding ID 0567 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/16 x 3/4Moulding 148/06...T-53 $90 set up
0231Cabinet Moulding ID 0231 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/4 x 15/161" lip mold but can also be used for picture frame material beaded lip Moulding 17/06...T-38 $90 set up
0453Cabinet Moulding ID 0453 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/4 x 1/4+used to simulate beaded casing, can be made thicker for more definition. symmetrical Moulding 31/13...T-54 $70 set up
0795Cabinet Moulding ID 0795 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/4 x 3/4custom lip mould Moulding 46/08...T-68 $90 set up
1205Cabinet Moulding ID 1205 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/4 x 13/16Moulding 79/12...T-125 $110 set up
2329Cabinet Moulding ID 2329 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/16 x 13/16Moulding 174/10...T-220 $110 set up
0239Cabinet Moulding ID 0239 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/8 x 13/16custom lip mold Moulding 17/11...T-33 aka LSCM11 $90 set up
0456Cabinet Moulding ID 0456 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/8 x 3/4used around the 3/4" plywood for cabinet doors Moulding 31/15...T-54 $150 set up
1163Cabinet Moulding ID 1163 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/8 x 3/43/4" offset shown, you may spec another dimension, beaded lip Moulding 75/09...T-102 $90 set up
2109Cabinet Moulding ID 2109 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/8 x 3/4Moulding 158/10...T-202. Finger pull. $110 set up
2181Cabinet Moulding ID 2181 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/8 x 3/4Moulding 163/12...T-208 $90 set up
2312Cabinet Moulding ID 2312 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/8 x 13/16Moulding 173/07...T-220 $90 set up
1203Cabinet Moulding ID 1203 - Houston Hardwoods1-7/16 x 3/4Moulding 79/11...T-126 beaded lip $90 set up
0020Cabinet Moulding ID 0020 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 3/4used on the bottom of cabinet doors for a finger pull Moulding 01/01...T-17 $110 set up
0465Cabinet Moulding ID 0465 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 1-1/16used around the perimeter of 5/8" plywood used for cabinet doors. Moulding 144/08...T-54 $110 set up
1389Cabinet Moulding ID 1389 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 1Moulding 92/09...T-129 $90 set up you can spec the dado dimensions
1390Cabinet Moulding ID 1390 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 3/4Moulding 92/10...T-137 $110 set up used for bottom of cabinet doors, see the finger pull
1645Cabinet Moulding ID 1645 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 13/16Moulding 113/07...T-159 $90 set up
1711Cabinet Moulding ID 1711 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 13/16Moulding 118/06...T-165 $90 set up please spec the dado width
1713Cabinet Moulding ID 1713 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 3/4Moulding 118/08...T-164 $90 set up
1994Cabinet Moulding ID 1994 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 3/4Moulding 161/06...T-205 $90 set up
2143Cabinet Moulding ID 2143 - Houston Hardwoods1-1/2 x 3/4Moulding 176/05...T-222 $60 set up
0135Cabinet Moulding ID 0135 - Houston Hardwoods1-9/16 x 13/16used at the bottom of cabinet doors as a finger pull for full overlay doors Moulding 12/03...T-16 $110 set up
0121Cabinet Moulding ID 0121 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 3/4this picture shows a 1/4" offset for a beaded panel cap. If you need this for lip moulding specify 3/8" offset. Moulding 10/03...T-14 $90 set up
0314Cabinet Moulding ID 0314 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 1another custom lip mold Moulding 22/06...T-35 $90 set up
0711Cabinet Moulding ID 0711 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 5/8Photo is shown without 3/8 x 3/8 lip. Moulding 44/04...T-66 $60 set up as shown; $75 set up with lip.
0726Cabinet Moulding ID 0726 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 1-5/16the lip is 3/4" to cover the edge of plywood CM-34Moulding 48/05...T-35 $90 set up
0840Cabinet Moulding ID 0840 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 3/8Moulding 52/11...T-80 shown without the 3/8" lip $60 set up
1244Cabinet Moulding ID 1244 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 1Moulding 82/09...T-114 $110 set up rooster
1252Cabinet Moulding ID 1252 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 82/17...T-112 $90 set up
1253Cabinet Moulding ID 1253 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 82/18...T-118 $110 set up
1557Cabinet Moulding ID 1557 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 7/8Moulding 106/05...T-148 $110 set up
1559Cabinet Moulding ID 1559 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 106/07...T-147 $110 set up
1714Cabinet Moulding ID 1714 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 3/4Moulding 118/09...T-165 $90 set up
1997Cabinet Moulding ID 1997 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 161/09...T-205 $90 set up
2120Cabinet Moulding ID 2120 - Houston Hardwoods1-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 159/08...T-202 $110 set up
0181Cabinet Moulding ID 0181 - Houston Hardwoods1-11/16 x 3/4Moulding 11/10...T-16 $90 set up
0772Cabinet Moulding ID 0772 - Houston Hardwoods1-11/16 x 13/16typical 3/8" offset Moulding 50/12...T-74 $90 set up
0261Cabinet Moulding ID 0261 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/4 x 1-1/8Moulding 19/05...T-24 $90 set up
1365Cabinet Moulding ID 1365 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/4 x 3/4Moulding 90/12...T-128 $90 set up
1560Cabinet Moulding ID 1560 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/4 x 13/16Moulding 106/08...T-148 please spec dado size $90 set up
1611Cabinet Moulding ID 1611 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/4 x 1-1/8Moulding 110/09...T-155 from 6/4" $90 set up
1805Cabinet Moulding ID 1805 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/4 x 11/16Moulding 126/09...T- $90 set up
2042Cabinet Moulding ID 2042 - Houston Hardwoods1-3/4 x 13/16Moulding 153/08...T-197 $60 set up as shown. can have dado for insert panel ad $30
0447Cabinet Moulding ID 0447 - Houston Hardwoods1-7/8 x 7/8Moulding 31/09...T-54 $90 set up
1259Cabinet Moulding ID 1259 - Houston Hardwoods1-7/8 x 1-1/2Moulding 83/05...T-116 $110 set up
1935Cabinet Moulding ID 1935 - Houston Hardwoods1-7/8 x 13/16Moulding 136/10...T-174 $90 set up this is shown with no dado for panels.
2276Cabinet Moulding ID 2276 - Houston Hardwoods1-15/16 x 1-7/16Moulding 170/08...T-217 $110 set up
0254Cabinet Moulding ID 0254 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16custom lip mold Moulding 150/09...T-42 aka LSCM12 $90 set up
0294Cabinet Moulding ID 0294 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16dado can be varied, double beaded Moulding 21/02...T-31 $110 set up
0798Cabinet Moulding ID 0798 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4simmulates a raised panel for a door Moulding 46/11...T-65 $60 set up
0821Cabinet Moulding ID 0821 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 7/8Mitered cabinet door mould Dado is for inserting panel. Moulding 51/08...T-82 $90 set up
0938Cabinet Moulding ID 0938 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 1-1/2large lip mould that covers the edge of 3/4" plywood door panels Moulding 60/05...T-89 $90 set up
1157Cabinet Moulding ID 1157 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Be sure to spec gap dimension, beaded Moulding 75/04...T-103 $90 set up
1187Cabinet Moulding ID 1187 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16Beaded cabinet door frame shown w/out dado for panel or glass Moulding 78/07...T-126 $60 set up Add $30 for dado
1384Cabinet Moulding ID 1384 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16Moulding 92/04...T-139 $90 set up
1583Cabinet Moulding ID 1583 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16Moulding 108/07...T-151 $90 set up
1610Cabinet Moulding ID 1610 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Moulding 110/08...T-154 $90 set up
1709Cabinet Moulding ID 1709 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Moulding 118/04...T-164 $110 set up spec dado size
1710Cabinet Moulding ID 1710 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Moulding 118/05...T-165 $110 set up spec dado size
1828Cabinet Moulding ID 1828 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 7/8Moulding 128/09...T-176 $95 set up spec panel dado size
1933Cabinet Moulding ID 1933 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Moulding 136/08...T-183 $110 set up
1934Cabinet Moulding ID 1934 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16Moulding 136/09...T-175 $90 set up
2051Cabinet Moulding ID 2051 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Moulding 154/05...T-193 $95 set up
2148Cabinet Moulding ID 2148 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 13/16Moulding 176/10...T-224 $95 set up
2277Cabinet Moulding ID 2277 - Houston Hardwoods2 x 3/4Moulding 170-09...T-219 $90 set up
1160Cabinet Moulding ID 1160 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/16 x 3/4Spec gap dimension, beaded Moulding 75/06...T-104 $90 set up
0365Cabinet Moulding ID 0365 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/8 x 7/8Beaded cabinet door lip mould Moulding 25/11...T-26 $90 set up
1731Cabinet Moulding ID 1731 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/8 x 1-1/16Moulding 119/12...T-167,54 $110 set up
1162Cabinet Moulding ID 1162 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/16 x 13/16Specify gap dimension, beaded Moulding 75/08...T-104 $90 set up
0240Cabinet Moulding ID 0240 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 3/4Beaded cabinet door frame pattern. Please spec gap dimension. Moulding 143/08...T-26 $90 set up
0283Cabinet Moulding ID 0283 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 3/4Beaded cabinet door frame pattern. Please spec gap dimension. Moulding 19/21...T-26 $110 set up (note the beveled back)
0489Cabinet Moulding ID 0489 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 7/8used for cabinet door frame material. Please spec the gap dimension. Moulding 32/08...T-57 $90 set up
0725Cabinet Moulding ID 0725 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 13/16dado can be any spec d size Moulding 48/04...T-71 $90 set up
1161Cabinet Moulding ID 1161 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 3/4Specify gap dimension, beaded Moulding 75/07...T-105 $90 set up
1503Cabinet Moulding ID 1503 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 1-1/16Moulding 101/13...T-144 $90 set up
1625Cabinet Moulding ID 1625 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 13/16Moulding 111/09...T-156 $80 set up You can add dado for panel on left side +$30
2000Cabinet Moulding ID 2000 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 3/4Moulding 161/12...T-204 symmetrical island or cabinet corner treatment $110 set up
2089Cabinet Moulding ID 2089 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/4 x 1-1/4Moulding 156/16...T-200 $110 set up
0404Cabinet Moulding ID 0404 - Houston Hardwoods2-5/16 x 3/4Beaded cabinet door frame pattern. Please spec gap dimension. Moulding 27/15...T-41 $90 set up
0145Cabinet Moulding ID 0145 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 7/8used as cabinet door frames Moulding 12/11...T-44 $85 set up shown w/out dado for panel...too small for 1/4" dado for panel
0335Cabinet Moulding ID 0335 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 1used to make cabinet door frames...shown without 1/4" dado for panel Moulding 23/06...T-28 $60 set up as shown...add $30 with dado
0379Cabinet Moulding ID 0379 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 3/4cabinet door frame pattern. Please spec gap dimension. Moulding 26/06...T-36 $110 set up
0822Cabinet Moulding ID 0822 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 7/8Mitered cabinet door frames pattern and panel inserted in slot Moulding 51/09...T-82 $90 set up
1386Cabinet Moulding ID 1386 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 13/16Moulding 92/06...T-138 $100 set up
2205Cabinet Moulding ID 2205 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 1-3/16Moulding 166/07...T-212 $110 set up
2278Cabinet Moulding ID 2278 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/8 x 3/4Moulding 170/10...T-216 $110 set up
0403Cabinet Moulding ID 0403 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 15/16another door frame mld shown w/out dado for panel Moulding 27/14...T-41 $60 set up as shown w/out dado for panel
0724Cabinet Moulding ID 0724 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 3/4used as a perimeter of a cabinet door Moulding 48/03...T-72 shown $80 set up. add $30 for dado
0823Cabinet Moulding ID 0823 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 11/16Mitered cabinet door mould Moulding 51/10...T-84 $100 set up
0959Cabinet Moulding ID 0959 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 1Moulding 61/08...T-91 $60 set up
1194Cabinet Moulding ID 1194 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 13/16Spec gap dimension, double beaded Moulding 79/03...T-122 $90 set up
1240Cabinet Moulding ID 1240 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 13/16Spec gap dimension, beaded Moulding 82/05...T-115 $90 set up
1712Cabinet Moulding ID 1712 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 13/16Moulding 118/07...T-165 $90 set up spec dado size
1902Cabinet Moulding ID 1902 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 3/4Moulding 134/08...T-179 $90 set up spec your dado dimensions
2149Cabinet Moulding ID 2149 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 13/16Moulding 176/11...T-224 $100 set up
2151Cabinet Moulding ID 2151 - Houston Hardwoods2-1/2 x 1-1/4Moulding 176/13...T-224 $110 set up symmetrical
0488Cabinet Moulding ID 0488 - Houston Hardwoods2-9/16 x 13/16aka beaded cabinet corner. symmetrical, flute Mldg 32/07...T-57 $110 set up
1188Cabinet Moulding ID 1188 - Houston Hardwoods2-5/8 x 15/16Spec gap dimension Moulding 78/08...T-84 $100 set up
2206Cabinet Moulding ID 2206 - Houston Hardwoods2-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 166/08...T-208 $110 set up
2361Cabinet Moulding ID 2361 - Houston Hardwoods2-5/8 x 13/16Moulding 179/06...T-230 $100 set up
1019Cabinet Moulding ID 1019 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/4 x 11/16symmetrical Moulding 65/15...T-95 $110 set up used as cabinet corner treatment
1151Cabinet Moulding ID 1151 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/4 x 3/4Moulding 74/13...T-97 3/8" offset shown $90 set up
1159Cabinet Moulding ID 1159 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/4 x 3/4Specify gap dimension, beaded Moulding 75/05...T-104 $90 set up
2031Cabinet Moulding ID 2031 - Houston Hardwoods2-3/4 x 3/4Moulding 152/07...T-197 $60 set up as shown. Add $30 for dado
0249Cabinet Moulding ID 0249 - Houston Hardwoods2-13/16 x 13/16used vertically to connect the face of cabinet boxes to the sides to sumulate beaded corners Moulding 150/07...T-42 $110 set up fluted symmetrical
0381Cabinet Moulding ID 0381 - Houston Hardwoods2-13/16 x 3/4Beaded cabinet door frame pattern. Please spec gap dimension. Fruit Board 26/07...T-30 $90 set up
1156Cabinet Moulding ID 1156 - Houston Hardwoods2-13/16 x 13/16Specify gap dimension, beaded Moulding 75/02...T-103 $90 set up
1876Cabinet Moulding ID 1876 - Houston Hardwoods2-13/16 x 5/8Moulding 132/10...T-184 $110 set up symmetrical used for island/cabinet corners
0021Cabinet Moulding ID 0021 - Houston Hardwoods2-7/8 x 3/4Beaded cabinet door frame material. Please spec gap dimension. Moulding 01/02...T-39 $90 set up
1877Cabinet Moulding ID 1877 - Houston Hardwoods2-7/8 x 7/8Moulding 132/11...T-181 $110 set up symmetrical beaded an "inny" cabinet corner mould.
0243Cabinet Moulding ID 0243 - Houston Hardwoods3 x 1-1/16cabinet corner molding used vertically to connect front to sides of cabinet boxes. symmetrical Moulding 18/09...T-26 $110 set up
0577Cabinet Moulding ID 0577 - Houston Hardwoods3+ x 13/16Spec gap dimension Moulding 36/08...T-53 $90 set up
2030Cabinet Moulding ID 2030 - Houston Hardwoods3 x 3/4Moulding 152/06...T-198 $90 set up
2050Cabinet Moulding ID 2050 - Houston Hardwoods3 x 1Moulding 154/04...T-195 $60 set up as shown Add $30 for dado This is typically 3/4" thick with same top pattern
2150Cabinet Moulding ID 2150 - Houston Hardwoods3 x 3/4Moulding 176/12...T-227 $90 set up specify gap dimensions
2362Cabinet Moulding ID 2362 - Houston Hardwoods3 x 13/16Moulding 179/07...T-228 $100 set up
1207Cabinet Moulding ID 1207 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/8 x 3/4Moulding 79/14..T-122 $100 set up
1561Cabinet Moulding ID 1561 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/8 x 13/16Moulding 106/09...T-148 $90 set up spec dado size
0190Cabinet Moulding ID 0190 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/4 x 3/4Cabinet door frame pattern. Please spec gap dimension. Moulding 14/06...T-46 $90 set up
1274Cabinet Moulding ID 1274 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/4 x 7/8Beaded cabinet door moulding with dado for glass insert Moulding 84/05...T-117 $90 set up
1574Cabinet Moulding ID 1574 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/4 x 3/4Moulding 107/11...T-151 $100 set up please spec dado dimension beads
0595Cabinet Moulding ID 0595 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/2 x 13/16Spec gap dimension, single bead Moulding 37/06...T-47 $90 set up
2144Cabinet Moulding ID 2144 - Houston Hardwoods3-1/2 x 3/4Moulding 176/06...T-223 $70 set up symmetrical
1158Cabinet Moulding ID 1158 - Houston Hardwoods3-7/8 x 1Specify gap dimension, mixed bead Moulding 75/04...T-108 $100 set up

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